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-==March 2015 Update==-

The idtech4 netcode rewriting endeavor keeps making great progress and so this time we present you a “Triple Internet COOP Gameplay Trailer” recorded and uploaded @1080 @60FPS from last weekend’s internal multiplayer beta testing session. Special Thanks go out to “Slate” and “Niki” who joined the testing and recording…

(click to play the youtube video)
A childhood dream come true…

When I first played this game in ’92 as a kid I always imagined how cool this game would be in cooperative mode… Well now 21 years later I am playing Wolfenstein 3D cooperatively with my nephew across the internet having a blast ;)

-==February 2015 Update==-

Before adding/developing more game assets (like new custom weapons, maps and game mechanics) we are first completely reworking the rudimentary idtech4 game engine parts such as the netcode, to ensure the best possible and stable coop multiplayer experience…

This was an extended coop network code test-session with well over 100 enemy AIs spawning and syncing across the internet network. Two clients (about 15 Kilometers apart) connecting to a dedicated server machine (about 2000 kilometers away from the clients).

In this video SlateFrame and I were testing Venture’s netcode with the Doom3 “INSOMNIA” Mappack available at “” and “”.

(click to play the youtube video)

Mars City Security: A Doom3 Next Generation COOP Mod

-==February 2015 Update==-

Hey to all MCS fans,

today we would like to showcase some of the new network code rewriting progress that we have been making with MCS.

The first video is showcasing MCS Version Internet Gameplay recorded @ 1080p @ 60FPS, with a distance of ~2000 Kilometers between the dedicated server and client.

And for all the tech-geeks among us, we also recorded a second Client / Spectator video session, that pushes our new netcode to the limits with an average ~800ms ping delay between the clients and the dedicated server.

With this second hardcore latency scenario we want to make sure that all network states (like Player/AI entity positions, rotations and animations and all multiplayer relevant events such as Player/AI: weapon discharges, deaths, projectiles traveling and impacting and all concomitant effects are properly and smoothly replicated across all clients throughout the network regardless of the distance and location between dedicated server and clients on our planet).

There is still plenty of fine tuning to be done regarding the netcode and so hopefully the small crowdfunding campaign scheduled for Spring 2015 will help speed up that process during crunch time.

Being a big fan of medieval/fantasy/steampunk stealth games, I always regret that up to this point no major AAA studio bothered enough to release a cooperative version of the genre…

And so due to the lack of coop content in that genre, I decided to try and get existing builds to work in COOP, that would allow players to enjoy that type of gameplay with friends across the internet…

Now of course, given the fact that I am an individual with a fairly limited amount of resources and capabilities, I have to maximize code and asset acquisition, in case I ever expect to complete any project within a reasonable amount of time and release it to the community…

Luckily for me the idtech community is an amazing place with extraordinary talented people, that are kind enough allowing me to use their top quality art and code for my community targeted coop projects…

In The Shadows, Quake 1 Mod by Simon ‘Sock’ O’Callaghan

“In The Shadows” is a Quake 1 conversion that adds a stealth system and whole new campaign to Quake. Sneak past the enemies and/or try kill them safely from within the shadows while playing through the custom campaign avoiding detection…

Simon was kind enough to provide his project’s source code for internal testing and so with a few quite rudimentary changes to the code, I was able to enable coop-capability for the campaign…

… the Coop test session was recorded :)

Then of course I got my own idtech4 based projects (FMJ,MCS,Venture) cooking and in the past I mentioned several times that I am a huge Thief:Deadly Shadows fan and the idea of being able to play it in COOP with a friend across the internet was intriguing enough to me to actually start and rebuilding the game within idtech4…

Thief: Deadly Shadows @ idtech4 by Oneofthe8devilz

Now porting a game to a complete different engine/codebase is of course a gigantic task (especially for a “one man” team) so when you watch the early WIP footage below please bear that in mind, with me still figuring out how to rebuild game assets, shaders and code the most efficient way. But the general idea is to slowly port the game mission by mission, asset by asset to idtech4…

Master-Thief Garrett decided to visit the Venture universe for some quick R&R… ;)

High-Res Screenshot Link




(click the image to watch the youtube video)

Venture: A Doom3 fantasy-medieval-steampunk COOP Total Conversion



-==December 2014 Update==-

This update consists of gameplay videos showcasing the Venture Prototype Story COOP Campaign. The game’s stealth mechanics are still in a very early state and therefore have not been applied during those recordings, so it basically is just coop monster bashing (arching) testing performance and coop functionality of the newly implemented maps…

Further details will eventually follow shortly…

(click to play the youtube video)

(click to play the youtube video)

I am looking for fellow modders to join these projects to speed up their development…

Doom3 1.3.1 default netcode introduction: 


Doom3 1. 3. 1 default netcode issues:


Doom3 1. 3. 1 reprediction hack netcode approach:


As a kid I used to play the adventure board game “HeroQuest” with my friends and as time and computer technology progressed, I wondered how nice a 3D digital multiplayer PC version of that game would be…

With Virtual Reality Technology picking up momentum, I can clearly imagine a game like “HeroQuest” being developed from the ground up with Virtual Reality in mind. People from all over the world will be able to host and connect to the same virtual Game Room with the Gameboard and Avatars of every player rendered in stereoscopic VR.

Using the latest unified light & shadowing VR rendering techniques in combination with the social aspects of a traditional boardgame should be able to establish a truly unique and memorable experience.



So recently I started thinking about how to get the game assets into a computer game environment…

Here an “unlit” shot of the entire game board in the Doom3 editor:


Same editor view with “realtime shading” enabled:


And finally an “ingame” shot: