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Monthly Archives: August 2014

As a kid I used to play the adventure board game “HeroQuest” with my friends and as time and computer technology progressed, I wondered how nice a 3D digital multiplayer PC version of that game would be…

With Virtual Reality Technology picking up momentum, I can clearly imagine a game like “HeroQuest” being developed from the ground up with Virtual Reality in mind. People from all over the world will be able to host and connect to the same virtual Game Room with the Gameboard and Avatars of every player rendered in stereoscopic VR.

Using the latest unified light & shadowing VR rendering techniques in combination with the social aspects of a traditional boardgame should be able to establish a truly unique and memorable experience.



So recently I started thinking about how to get the game assets into a computer game environment…

Here an “unlit” shot of the entire game board in the Doom3 editor:


Same editor view with “realtime shading” enabled:


And finally an “ingame” shot: