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In August 2015 MCS Release Candidate Builds have been sent out to the Doom3 Community for some final online testing and polishing.

Gametype: Original Story Campaign Coop (PVE)

One question that kept popping up frequently during the Release Candidate Testing was about stock Doom3 Story Campaign Coop.

About 80% of the original Doom3 Singleplayer Story is currently playable in Coop with up to 4 players. I hope to get the remaining 20% of the Story Campaign playable with a later MCS update.

Gametype: Demon Wars (PVE)

“Demon Wars” is the new core coop survival gametype in MCS. This cooperative gametype throws players right into the epic battle that broke out throughout the entire solar system after Hell has been unleashed. Fight as a human with up to 4 players cooperatively against the hordes of hell trying to make a last stand for mankind.

Gametype: Deathmatch \ Team Deathmach (PVP)

The PVP (Deathmatch \ Team Deathmatch) gametype lets up to 8 players fight it out on a variety of new arenas for the ultimate player versus player domination in “team” and “free for all” adversarial multiplayer. After implementing the cooperative PVE gametypes in MCS, we wanted to add an equally innovative PVP multiplayer gametype to the project and are happy and proud with the final result. PVP multiplayer in MCS is the intense and addictive experience that we always wanted in a Doom3 based project.