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Strike Commander Millennium Prototype


Back in 1993 a combat flight simulator video game called “Strike Commander” was released. Designed and developed by Chris Roberts and Origin Systems, this game had everything I always dreamed about when it came to action combat flight sim games. Revolutionary graphics, phenomenal soundtracks and a compelling story glued me for years in front of my PC screen and made the “General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon” my absolute favorite fighter…


Over the years I always considered starting work on a Strike Commander Remake to bring the game’s graphics up to date while also implementing networking for cooperative and adversarial multiplayer sessions across the internet. Since 1993, being still a kid/teen back then, I imagined about how cool it would have been to replace the AI wing-men in the game with human players across the network…


…but up until recently technology was just not ready/there yet to justify investing serious time into such a Remake Project. That changed when ArmA3 was released providing enough mod-ability to start working on a prototype that would feature cooperative and adversarial network gameplay within the vast ArmA3 Sandbox world…

And so without further due, here is a 12 minutes “early prototype” online cooperative enabled “Strike Commander Millennium” gameplay trailer:

Bandits at 12 o’clock :)